diamond d

Precision Dentures

Diamond D Dentures - Advanced natural looking dentures require artistry as well as technical expertise. Diamond D was formulated to yield excellent characteristics for patient fit, function and esthetics.

Revolutionary SR Ivocap - Premium quality dentures that instill confidence and provide confidence and provide comfort. Precision dentures that provide optimum function while eating, speaking and laughing. Natural life-like dentures that recreate the character of your smile.


Precision Partials

  • Cast Metal (High Quality Metal)
  • Flexible Plastics – Flexite, iFlex, Unbreakable, Valplast
  • Hybrid - Cast metal w/ acrylic or highly esthetic flexible clasps
  • Cusil - Acrylic w/ silicon gasket type clasping 
  • Acrylic w/ stainless steel clasps 
  • Acrylic Flipper w/ 1 or 2 teeth
  • Acrylic Nesbit
  • Valplast (flexible) Nesbit
tit abut

If you're looking for crowns and bridges of the highest quality, there's only one name you need to remember. Dentures Unlimited and DU Digital offer a wide range of dental products, including:

  • Crowns & Bridges: Full Zirconia Crowns
  • Veneers: Hi Translucency Zirconia
  • Implants: Custom Titanium Abutments
You'll get a 5-year warranty on everything we make. Call us now to learn more about our products.

A Wide Variety of Crowns

  • Full Zirconia
  • Full Cast Cores: Semi-Precious and Composite
bite block
imp mat

Other Products

  • Bite Blocks, custom trays, stone model, digital models, bleaching trays, hard/soft night guards, denture repairs, denture/partial relines, implant stents, vacuum retainers. 
  • Doctor Products: Impression material, light cure composites